AI Drones


Lookout, and duck, smart AI-powered drones are buzzing around everywhere.


This is due to improvements in drones, and AI advances happening in parallel. You have probably seen what Watson can do and also watched a pilot drive a drone, now think what would happen to combine them. They could then deliver packages, fly in packs, take pictures, and protect us.


Drones are a fun new toy. We all enjoy flying and watching someone fly them around. Later on, you will be in a position to have a drone out of your pocket, throw this up in the air permit it to fly around your backyard. Drones aren’t any more than a fiction gadget for the majority of us. There is an indoor contest to see who can have the best time on an obstacle course and larger drones can be flow outside.


The main new use for drones will be deliveries. You will call your local pizza place then a drone will softly delivery a pepperoni pie to your driveway in about 30 min. There will be no staffing or traffic delays. You can also order a bottle of vitamins from an online retailer and have it delivered asap saving you the trouble of driving to the store. Home  – Website about technology, drones, electronics, and computers